Warner Responds to Wolf Agenda
HARRISBURG – Rep. Ryan Warner (R-Fayette/Westmoreland) issued the following statement about Gov. Tom Wolf’s “fall agenda” unveiled Tuesday.

“The General Assembly has been working since March to deal with the affects of COVID-19 and the governor’s ‘mitigation’ efforts. While lawmakers worked on long-term solutions to help Pennsylvanians protect their lives and livelihoods during the pandemic, the governor refused to consider our proposals and instead took unilateral actions that have devastated so many families, small businesses and the state’s economy.

“Considering we’ve been trying to work with the governor since day one on these issues, it is extremely hypocritical for him to accuse the General Assembly of being derelict in its duties and downright outrageous for him to order us to rubber stamp his agenda. We don’t work for Gov. Wolf; we work for the people of Pennsylvania.

“The House will be back in session next week, continuing our efforts to help get people safely back to work, back to school and back to a normal life.”

Representative Ryan Warner
52nd Legislative District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: Patricia Hippler
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