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Performance-Based Budgeting Coming to Pennsylvania
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Performance-Based Budgeting Coming to Pennsylvania
After several years of hard work, I’m pleased to report the governor has signed legislation to require Pennsylvania use performance-based budgeting. The General Assembly approved Senate Bill 181, a mirror of my House Bill 410. I was happy to work with Sen. Bob Mensch to bring this vital legislation to the finish line. For two legislative sessions I have pushed to make this change so we can more clearly see where our tax dollars are spent and make better budgeting decisions. . The drawn-out budgeting process that has occurred during the past several years shows we must make a change. I’m hopeful this change will make a difference in next year’s budget process.

Performance-based budgeting uses performance matrixes to determine whether each state department has met its goals and objectives. It is a retrospective look back at what was accomplished with the dollars given. Once this review is done, the department then would receive consideration for future funding. Budget requests would include itemized expenditures for all activities required by state and federal statutes at minimum and current levels.

Act 48 of 2017 goes into effect in 60 days.

Concealed Carry Seminar a Success

In early October, I held my second concealed carry seminar of the year. A packed house had the opportunity to learn about Pennsylvania’s concealed carry laws and the Castle Doctrine.

New to this seminar was firearms safety instruction. The Fayette County Sheriff’s mobile unit also was on site to renew and issue new gun permits to Fayette County residents.

If you’ve never been to one of these seminars before and are interested in gaining valuable information about the state’s weapons laws, please contact my office at 724-437-1105. We will let you know when the next event is scheduled.

Seniors for Safe Driving

Senior citizens received a refresher on their driving skills at my biannual Seniors for Safe Driving Seminar. Participants ages 55 and older received a certificate for a minimum of 5 percent off their auto insurance coverage for three years. Topics discussed include communicating with other drivers, risk management, airbags, sharing the road, road signs, signals and pavement markings. Check out my website at and my Facebook page at Facebook/RepWarner early next year for the 2018 seminar dates.

First Responders Recognized

Like many others, I am grateful to our first responders. So many of their selfless acts go unnoticed and underappreciated.

It was my great pleasure to join with Rep. Matt Dowling in honoring these men and women who are the first we look to in an emergency situation. Every fire, police and EMS department, along with 911 dispatchers, from the 52nd Legislative District was given an award for their service.

A number of first responders were individually honored with the Altruistic Service Award. These honorees were chose by their departments for going above and beyond. The winners were Rob Lieberger, Connellsville Township Volunteer Fire Department; Mark Trenker, Dunbar Volunteer Fire Department; Max Gales and Jerry Brown, Saltlick-Indian Head Township Volunteer Fire Department; and Alex Atkinson, Fayette Emergency Medical Services.

A delicious dinner followed the ceremony and was provided by First Christian Church of New Salem and Triumphant Fellowship Church.

Thank you to all our first responders!
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Capitol Office: Room B-11, Main Capitol Building, PO Box 202052, Harrisburg PA 17120-2052 | (717) 787-1540 
District Office: 1040 Eberly Way, Suite 250, Lemont Furnace, PA 15456 I Phone: (724) 437-1105
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